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10 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. While this initiative is a pleasing change from an education system that was imposed by colonists and now a market driven, class dividing system, it is still in its nascent stage. I agree that schooling to a large extent limits child’s creativity. Homeschooling is best till the age of five to six. However, homeschooling needs to be systematized to make it a universal or largely accepted option for educating children at the higher levels.

    1. Coming out of the system and not setting any boundaries in learning is the beauty of homeschooling. Once it gets systemised we will lose the charm of homeschooling.

  2. My 12 years old niece wants to study her 6th grade online and give exams too which is affiliated to a recognised centre.
    Please i request you to guide me and help me out.
    Thank you so much
    Looking forward to ur reply.

  3. i m graduate in bcom from pune ,married about 11 yrs back , and having nice daughter 10 yrs old , she is now in 4 th std in CBSC patern ,i m paying 60000/- rs per yr , but now i realize that this kind of bookish education is useless ,no use in practical life,school only giving marks who study their study material only , that is nonsense ,
    when she passed out 10 th standard what will be the future in her life , is indian government can give guranty that she would get minimum salary of her jobs, absolutele no, never ,
    then what is the use of ssc, hsc, school certification ,
    i think it is better to not sending her to school , will teach in home by the way of google, internet , books, which practically knowledge in day today life, maths on calculater, hindi, marathi language RWS , will make her own choice , no tention, no homework, we teach her sports activities which is not complete in school life, she can give all time to parents, will give good hindu sanskar ets,
    only she would not get SSC 10 TH CERTIFICATE , BUT sucess in life certificate , she will enjoy her life her way,
    she will make carrier in life when she become elder ,
    this way i m playing to teach her spoken english develop skills,
    whatever fees , expenses i have to suffer will difinately 15/18 lkh rupees
    which i will save every year , and when she will 18 th year i spend her on future business, this is my personel experiense ,
    each parents must have to think about or next generation

  4. Hi,

    I am planning to home-school my Domestic Help’s Daughter. She is 6 years old. She goes to a local Anganvadi where they teach her Kannada & Arabic. She is a brilliant child, but unfortunately due to financial constraints cant be sent to a proper school. Please guide me how to start her homeschooling.

    Looking forward to a positive response soon 🙂

    Thank you


  5. Hello fellow homeschoolers, We just moved to Hyderabad about a month ago from USA and we would love to get together with a group, if there is one here, or friends that she can get together at least once a week. I have one daughter that is 10 years-old, and is in “6th grade”. She loves to read, draw, play the piano and swimming. Also, I have been homeschooling for a while and can people who are starting off with homeschooling cause I know it can be a challenge.

  6. Nikhila Gokhale

    Hi I need guide nice about homeschooling my 7 year old, who is in grade 1.I want to know if I can remove her from school for this yr and put her back again in next year

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