Learning and Farming – An Indian View

Learning and Farming plays a very critical role in life of individual as well as society says Claude Alvares. He claims that though they seem separate, but, in reality, they are deeply interconnected. He laments the fact that the way multinational corporations, for their vested interest, are destroying native agricultural practices. He also grieves over how modern educational institutions have destroyed innate learning capacities of students. He emphasize how by returning back to soil (and manual work) will enhance overall education.

8 thoughts on “Learning and Farming – An Indian View”

  1. Very well said. Wish there can be a momentum generated to educated farmers and teachers and the mankind to be more aware.

  2. Hello! I am Ayush Shaw. I am 17 years old. I have cleared my 10th cbse board exams. After that i choosed Science stream in 11th class. I love physics and biology.
    Actually want to become a teacher. Not a traditional teacher but a good, and a teacher who can become a ideal for his students. So can i become a teacher by homeschooling??

  3. Hello sir/madam,

    I am kumar. My daughte is 7 year old. I want to register her name for “swashikshan”.
    My daughter is slow learner and crebral palsy kid.we stay in Mumbai India.
    Please guide me for registration proced

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